Wednesday, 30 December 2009

what have you done today to make you feel proud?

i want to make promises to future becky that past becky should have maybe made to present becky in order to keep present becky from reflecting on past becky and asking her why she didn't do more about present and future beckys follows (20)10 ambitions, promises and commitments to cheating allowed...

1. draw more. you have 2 really nice ink pens...use them.
2. pass your driving test on the 1st attempt (and stop holding your breath when you change doesn't help.)
3. get a new "direction" that actually makes you feel like you are working towards something/learning/ deserve better.
4. spend more time with your top people that you love...they are so so so important.
5. move out and live closer to london so that point 4 is easier to acheive...aim for the lifestyle that other 20somethings seem to be living, even if it is all chatter and fluff.
6. continue with the crafty mini-business ambitions....start up on etsy, get a website & promote yourself.
7. read all the books you have collected and not read yet.
8. reconsider the blonde....attempt pastel coloured hair if approppiate.
9. force yourself to exercise.
10. ignore outside influences (and be the person you would be if there were no other people in the world.)

ok....ready, steady.........go.

happy 2010. x

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