Wednesday, 2 December 2009

anyway, back to me.

1. i wish my middle name was really my first name
2. i've already had about 15 different jobs. working in a snobby bar in Notts was the worst.
3. i wrote my dissertation in 3 days.
4. i have no internal thermometer....if its cold, i'm freezing. if it's hot, i'm fucking hot.
5. i once walked head first into alex zane whilst crying on the phone to my mum.
6. i love falling asleep but hate waking up more than marmite.
7. sometimes i can't finish bacon sandwiches because i realise it's pig.
8. i'm scared of spiders, faces at windows, gatherings of irregular shaped holes and i can't touch wrists.
9. i wish i'd had the guts to dress crazy when i was still young enough to look cool.
10. i loved being an art student and only now realise how much more i could have learnt.
11. i easily adopt other people's opinions as my own if i think they are smarter than me.
12. i hate raised voices and arguments. i will constantly apologise.
13. i had crushes that never reached fruition and i'm really glad they didn't.
14. i've been on the west end stage dressed as a french prostitute. only i kept my trainers on.
15. i still want my tongue pierced but i don't want to make my mum cry.
16. my best friendship was cemented when i stopped another girl using her expensive colouring pencils.
17. i once broke a girls arm in the playground by pushing her over. and i got away with it.
18. i have a serious sweet tooth that i fear may be my un-doing..
19. if i fancy you, i'll probably fall over in front of you. or poke myself in the eye.
20. i have an underpronounced lisp because my tongue is massive.
21. my next pet will be called gizmo. and my firstborn son will be sebastian. baz for short.
22. buffy the vampire slayer is AWESOME.
23. i'm a sucker for bashful eyes, big lips, inherent geekiness.
24. i will instantly place myself below new people i meet (metaphorically speaking) until they act like a dick and prove me wrong.
25. i would eat nachos a lot more often if only my boyfriend would let me.


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