Thursday, 29 July 2010


once again, a blog post featuring stuff and things i have found round the interwebs that have made me go "oooo" or "huh" or "wowzas!"......mainly "oooo".

"Oww" but also "awww" but also "Yeah, i was young and stupid, don't ask"

very sensible but very beautiful moccasins available on etsy....comfy.

colourful PLUS removes the boringness of typing when you know what the keys are...bonus!

i'm a bit late to the miu miu cat print platform party but i'm glad i came...

now i don't play guitar. but shucks trev, it's shaped like an apple!

crochet petal necklace.....cute and achievable......

happy thursday night blog reader....


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

lime green leggings and slouch socks.

got to thinking about things i miss, not being 8 any more....rub on transfers were awesome....i remember having ones that came with a background set, so you could create little stories. i also remember trying to transfer them onto my skin.

my sticker book...i spent ages whinging at my mum to buy me stickers from a specific newsagents in sanderstead and then of course, i had to have the right album to put them in...furry ones were in, shiny less so, paper were laughed at...then there was the tragic day that some scummy boy nicked all my stickers and ripped the big rainbow one...he was never charged, and stickers were banned from school.

colouring in books....i liked colouring in pictures of girls wearing big dresses....i'd sit quite happily at the kitchen table for hours, retelling made up fairytales to myself, often focusing largely on dress detail, less so on the handsome prince.

vampire shrinkles...crazy bits of plastic that you cut out and coloured in and then cooked in the oven and they got smaller (excitement!) and then you were supposed to turn them into jewellery...zipper pullers....pencil toppers. i mainly lost them.

stick......on......earrings......i LOVED stick on earrings. i'd save the most "glamorous" pairs for last and then feel embarassed about wearing them in i was too dolled up or something. they always fell off.


Tuesday, 13 July 2010

eight things nearly better than after eight mints.

1. this dress from cabbages and roses that would make me look like an orphan.

2. this shutter bag.....lush.

3. beige grey nail varnish (disclaimer: i have a £4 rimmel version from's ace).

4. these off white kurt geiger booties........* sigh.

5. laughing like morons at david shrigley drawings with bonjameen.

6. my long-standing (from age 9) infatuation with Elijah. I clearly have a good sense of delayed gratification (i liked him in Flipper......FLIPPER.)

7. eating brunch at The Breakfast Club Soho with Dr Alexa, my newly qualified doctor best mate. after 7 years in Leeds, she's moved back to London. It's still sinking in that i have her back...x

8. finding the stripey jersey maxi skirt i had been dreaming of in warehouse and buying it then putting it on immediately.

it's been a crazy month...need to get pixielated running at full steam again (restocking, another fair, more designs) and so much other stuff that i should probably start writing lots and lots of lists.....

....what's your July ambition?