Friday, 22 October 2010

We Make London Designer Feature

About Pixielated:
I am a Theatre Design graduate who (after a brief flirtation with stitching costumes and dressing actors) now works in advertising. I started making bits and bobs to amuse myself in late 2009 and then after friends and family showed interest in buying them for Christmas presents, I got inspired to create pixielated in early 2010. I taught myself to crochet via online tutorials and created patterns from ideas that often came to me in lovely daydreams on the bus to work!
I love making pixielated products and seeing people have a giggle with them! I think my designs are great fun and everyone feels at least 45% cuter when dressed as a kitten (it's scientific fact!). pixielated is designed to be original and bright and colourful, to make you smile and to make you that little bit different!
Best Sellers:
My best seller is definately the Panda Bear Ears (followed closely by Bling Bling Chains). Who doesn't love Pandas?

We Make Christmas:
Visitors to We Make Christmas can expect Giant Bling Bling Chains, Bling Bling Arm Candy, lots of Bear and Kitten Ears (for all ages!) and Scrumptious Christmas Pudding Tea & Egg Cozies!
My Sites:
I love writing my crafty blog so if you'd like to read it, that would be brilliant:

and my etsy shop can be found at:

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Friday, 8 October 2010

cake & streamers & sequins.

hello! are you glad it's friday? i am....know why? it's my birthday on sunday! i'm super excited to spend time with all my favourite peoples and have a giggle....xoxo

in keeping with my good mood, here are 7 bits of cool fluff....

Hello Kitty Doc Martens? I SO would btw.

i don't know if you personally follow the career of James Franco but seriously, the dudes AWESOME. he does mental performance art, he takes roles in General Hospital (crappy US soap..think gay Hollyoaks) he studies sexuality in his side direction projects and now, NOW, this cover for the first ever trans-gender magazine, Candy. Amazing.

these tights are super.

if i happened to lose 5 stone, i'd love this as a halloween costume. I wouldn't wear it out but i'd probably jump around the house a bit. maybe bonjameen could dress up as Batman.....? x

oooooo...alexander wang bag. oooo...unaffordable.

a mini crepe tower! this to be my birthday cake please collective friends. thanks.

a lovely illustration by yennnie on etsy....i might try and aim for this hair-do going forward...

I hope you have a lovely weekend....maybe next week i'll be a little older and wiser....hmmmmm... : )