Wednesday, 25 August 2010

alphabetti spagetti.

i have a large fondness for words. I like illustrators who use words in their drawings. I think it often makes them mean more.

i also like illustrators who only use words....i guess you'd call that typography, if you were being posh.

installations that use words are pretty wicked too....see previous posts on Jenny Holzer, please.

graphic design can be elevated from soulless flatness to melancholic statement.

i would like david shrigley to do me a drawing everyday and email it to me around 3pm to cheer me up.

kittens in wigs don't make much sense until you put them in context.

we are curious. and colourful. we are young and bright and we want to know more.


Monday, 23 August 2010

Valley Park, Innit.

Truths about Hobbycraft (or any large craft store : see also The Knitting and Stitching Show)

1. There will be someone on crutches
2. There will be someone in a wheelchair (potentially because of their weight)
3. There will be a ugly fat woman dragging her ugly fat husband around. He will look at your boobs.
4. Someone will be wearing those thick glasses that magnify their eyes and make them look REALLY funny.
5. There will be a woman with 4 children buying shitloads of stuff for their "craft hour", the results of which will look bollocks and cost on average around £30 a head.
6. Someone will be mentally ill.
7. There will be 2 teenagers buying stuff to "DIY" their clothes. They will go on to "ruin" their clothes.
8. I will spend money.

I got a Prym Maxi Knitting Dolly and some pin backs.

I also got a horrific glimpse into my future.


Friday, 20 August 2010

We Make, I Make, You Make....They Maketh

Exciting pixielated newsflash number 1! I have applied to and been accepted by the We Make Christmas Fair! Huzzah! I'm really excited by this, as it's pretty much the biggest fair in London...I'm really looking forward to doing my first proper (yeah...suck it Stour Space) event!

There are 3 different rooms (i'm in the small room...cheaper than the big room, not as cheap as having a stall in the corridor) and i've already hired my assistants (a really nice lady called Mum and a lovely young graduate named Becca..).
I reckon i'll try and make lots of smaller ears for babies and cute kids and hopefully i'll have some time to make some completely new bits and bobs....(er..probably not!) My Mum is going to make some of her famous Christmas Pudding tea cozies/egg might not think you need one...but you do....

look at where it's being held! bit nicer than a warehouse in east london huh? I've just got to work out a bit more professional stall appearance...i've been looking at getting some mannequin heads, but the poly heads are REALLY creepy and the cool vintage wicker hat stands cost a fortune...any ideas?

looking forward to seeing you on December 4th! if you want more details, go here:


Friday, 13 August 2010

self conscious consumption...

hand painted loafer pumps with ballet ribbon ties....

saccharin bed that may give male visitors "prince charming" complexes...

easy way to make your old grey tee shirt cute again...

my favourite drawing of the year so far...

a coat by orla kiely in navy um um navy gingham...

simple but interesting chains from Vamoose...i just ordered a grey pom pom on a lovely long chain actually today...

getting gold bling Minx nail transfers from Wah Nails for Bestival with Tamsin....(pathetically excited).

i realise i have been writing a lot of blog posts recently featuring bits and bobs that i "like"....i hope you don't think this is excessively materialistic or nuffink.

i have lots of exciting things going on that i can't wait to share with you...(not to show off)...but i want to wait until they are at their most exciting....

and seeing as i don't want to be one of those bloggies who tells you about what i wore today (probably leggings) what make up i put on my face (lots, on the train) what i ate (probably crisps) or my emotional state (most likely tired), i try to find bits and bobs i think you might like to look at.

i hope you like looking.....

have a nice weekend.....


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

long legs and face paints.

this lovely photograph is the latest offering from my very talented pictographer friend dave, featuring his very cute and leggy friends Aoife and Caroline...find out more about dave and his exploits with tin foil reflectors at:


Friday, 6 August 2010

CSI Marathons, Lunchtimes and In-Between

I have wool coming out of my ears....falling out of my bag at bus stops....entangling kittens...

I am crocheting every single minute that i'm not doing other things that are deemed more important by other people who pay me to do so...

I am crocheting as soon as i get home....on my the bus stop....on the the pub...

....all for something very exciting indeed......x