Thursday, 29 April 2010

alright treasure?

check it out! i'm in an etsy treasury! (which is a showcase someone makes to promote items on etsy that they love..!)

it was made by squidpop....thanks squidpop, you made my day!


Wednesday, 28 April 2010

let me be your fantasy....

we are going to bestival again this year...last year was.....o-kaaaaay...but certain events conspired to make it less than awesome. I don't want to be mean on my blog. but yeah. i was fed up by sunday.
but no matter!...this year we are going with awesome people! the fancy dress theme is fantasy...i thought....ME AND BONJAMEEN COULD GO AS FLOWERS!

and then, when bon was err..less than enthused...i was all...WE COULD BE SUPERHEROES! i could be knitgirl! Bon could be chefboy! tam could be the tamsinator! dave could be.....i couldn't think of one for dave....dave can think of dave's....

but noooooo....superheroes weren't good enough. so then i found a pink wig on ebay and me and tam and fernanda decided we would go as RANDOM JAPANESE MANGA ANIME COSPLAY PEOPLE!

unfortunately for us, most of the costumes you can buy are either $100 shipped from the US, made to fit tiny weeny japanese girls or actually like you would wear them in a porn film called Super Cute Whorebags. I hate slutty fancy dress so i reckon we'll have to bodge it ourselves...which could either look brilliant! or shit.

if i do have to make my own, i'm going to make this character called Miwako from Paradise Kiss (without the tummy out-ness.) She's super cute. and has pink hair. SOLD.

i'm excited for festivals....roll on the summer please!


Tuesday, 27 April 2010

*post apocalyptic german rave tune.

after having to turn down a few fairs (due to prior important festival engagements) i have finally got a stall at Stour Space's May 29th Designers Market! Huzzah! did you get that? MAY 29TH! put it in your diary and come and see me!

its going to be in this converted warehouse/gallery/performance space in east london...i'm hoping for a nice day...its over bank holiday as well, so hopefully peeps will be more inclined to mooch...x

i'm well excited! I've got so much to do to prepare for it though..making more stuff, maybe making some new stuff, sorting out my stall, do i have to provide bags? should i take a mirror? what am i going to sit on? how many Pringles will i eat between 11am and 6pm? i think i need a list....

oh, and i've joined twitter. i'm on there as iampixielated if you are so inclined...i can't promise i'll be interesting but i'll try and keep you updated with life? i don't think i quite understand it......

it's so sunny outside! someone get me a calippo and probably some suncream because i burn very easily!!!


Thursday, 15 April 2010

10 cool things on a thursday...

1. this tea bag...tea bag...geddit?! haaaa...haaaaa.

2. twinkie chan's up-coming patternbook...she makes food themed crochet stuff and her collections sell out in minutes when she puts them, you know, she's cute.

3. cats hanging out in hilarious places.

4. this awesome outfit as worn by Keiko Lynn, designer of Postlapsaria.

5. the colour me katie bow pumps on modcloth. only available in the US. typical. they get mountain dew and now...the best shoes.

6. this dress from Hobbs that i can't afford.

7. 20's looking starband from giant dwarf. might make'd i put my glitter glue?....

8. amazing mini backpack on babybubble, japan....

9. ...know what? those toddlers can toddle off....i want one.

10. fake tux tee on vintage etsy.

so, hows your thursday working out for you?

(am currently working hard on getting something ready for something quite this space!)


Thursday, 8 April 2010

* thinks of many obscene blog entry titles.

this is aiden. he plays a vampire in some BBC programme. he's irish.

this is aaron. he plays a fake superhero in kick ass. he has curly hair.

it almost physically hurts that i will never get to see these boys naked. and in person. naked and in person.

perv over.


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

glasto bows!

this is a fancypack by carrotcake on's a bumbag (or fanny pack if you are from the USA...heee....fanny...).

i'm going to make one for carrying around all my stuff at glasto (and maaaaaybe bestival if i can raise the cash...)...i hate carrying a bag at festivals...this looks perfect for phone and cash and wetwipes....might have trouble sneaking in beers though.

will now start the search for red vinyl online.....could call up some interesting websites me feels...