Tuesday, 1 December 2009

mon nom est jc et je ne donne pas une merde

when i was at st martins, i often used to bunk off and just bum round london with cat...she was the only person i didn't think was an idiot...we didn't really fit in (but not in the good-not-fitting-in cool way, in the wow-st-martins-is-lame-everyone-is-making-shit-out-of-liquid-latex way)...we once bunked off to go to the V&A and JC de Castelbajac had a retrospective. it was BRILLIANT.

i like his stuff. it doesn't go much deeper than the fact that he uses bright colours, is french, often references popular animated characters and clearly does not give a toot about what's "in". he's just having a trolley load of fun designing cute things to make cute people cuter.

i would wear this to my party which would be held in pat sharps funhouse...you'd want to come, but you'd be stuck at home making shit with liquid latex and your own hair.


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