Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Kicking Off With Some Knitting

How zexy is my model? Thank you Ms J for the fierce-ness you brung-a lung...I can tell you are smiling with your eyes.

This is a bright yellow (and a grey) hand-knitted chain (made with my trusty french knitting dolly and a variety of pointy sticks as I kept losing them down the sofa). It's not an original idea, I ripped it from Etsy but that woman was charging $180! gah!
I made 4 in the end (yellow, grey, pink, white) and sold them on Ebay (to not much success). Still made a minor profit (if you don't include labour....and I don't because it was fun). Whenever I wear my grey one people always ask me where I got it and I smugly reply "I made it!". FEELS GOOD.


foggy ploggy toggy blog.

welcome reader of my (new) blog! thanks for looking....*waves hello. these are pictures of dave ro-cocking out my very C.A.M.P version of a glam rock god...you know...bowie in labyrinth, bolan and johnathan r.m in velvet goldmine...they come to me in my dreams and wiggle androgynously on a sky blue stage....

features included: a shiny blue leather corset, gold lame leggings, diamonte and gold army boots, a diamonte encrusted shirt with sparky blue buttons
, gold and metallic belts, an enormous wig made from two wigs stitched into each other and a feather chest plate (not pictured). one day all boys will look like this.

my tutor said she thought i could have taken it further...my tutor was a spaffy mongoloid.

more to follow....most probably in the same vein. if that vein is pumping glitter to my gay gay heart that is.....