Friday, 27 November 2009

put it in me.

iz awesome.

pin badges by michelle kaffko....(i may copy this person.)


badly photocopied references again and again and again.

i loved lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events...i thought it was's such a shame it didn't take off in the harry potter way i think they wanted it to...the costumes are absolutely beautiful, they look old and gothic but still new and original at the same time....and the animated end credits made me stay in the cinema an extra 10 minutes...find them on youtube, trust.

sophia coppola's marie antoinette was everything i thought it was going to be (fluffy, stupid, pointless, emotionless) but the costumes? the costumes?! sigh.

i became totally obsessed with this film at st's called party monster and it's about michael alig, an 80's club kid who launched the new york club scene then killed his dealer and hid the body in a cardboard box...doesn't sound much fun but it opened my eyes to all these spectacular costumes...and leigh bowery and michael clark....basically, it made my sketchbooks a truckload more interesting...i stopped drawing dresses and started drawing boys in much more fun....(i also posed nude for a fellow student's LCF portfolio, but that's another story....)

"i've been around the world but i've never been to me"....i love priscilla....i love the bit when tick is sitting on top of the bus with about 60 metres of silver parachute silk flowing behind him...mainly because it's completely irrelevent to anything (just how i like it...)....I wrote part of my dissertation on'd be amazed at the gender theory issues present in this film...if you are ever really bored, i'll tell you.

sigh.......johnathan rhys meyers in velvet goldmine wearing feathers with blue hair? my heaven, this is what angels look like.


p.s today i am listening to roxy music : jealous guy.

Thursday, 26 November 2009


i love post secret.

i have a few of their books and they are both life-affirming and moving...some of the postcards make you laugh, some make you think, some make you uncomfortable and some just make you wish the person wasn't anonymous so that you could reach to out them and make it all ok.

it presents a collection of statements that make us both unified and separate (by own own choices, by someone elses choice, by our nature) and for that reason, i think it is a wonderful and melancholic exhibition of humanity.

or something.


Wednesday, 25 November 2009

tees for mee pleeease.....squeeee. want these please.

lovely t-shirts from i love boxie...£37 each present to myself?

john lewis really let me down last night...i went in expecting an orgy of ribbon and beads and exciting things but was presented with out of stock items, way too expensive fabric and this really annoying woman who was shouting into her phone about how much she loved "trimmings, trimmings, trimmings!"...i mean, really, i should go to berwick street...i didn't make the most of it when i was at Les Mis...out the stage door and just through Sex Alley were the cheapo fabric shops of my dreams....if only i could prevent myself from the allure of the "Genuine Asian Models Upstairs"....


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

brighton, blossom and....robots.

this photographer is called Cassia Beck and i really love her prints...she is going to be at We Make London craft fair in chelsea on 5th Dec....i really want to go...will you come with me?

she works, lives and photographs in brighton....i love brighton...from going there as a kid, to going there for incredibly romantic nights with bonjameen, to holing up in The Grand hotel for 3 days (squee) to wandering round in the sunshine aimlessly, yet always ending up in Bill's for towering pavlovas and excessive deli goodness...

...on an unrelated note, robot cushion. i would like a robot cushion.


self titled.

i want to think of a name for my (hopefully impending) online shop/pages...i am really struggling...i thought of a really good name last night but have completely forgotton it....brilliant.

how about:


cold hands warm heart

hurts to look at you

(i think i like the last one the most?)

of course, i am massively getting ahead of myself as per to berwick street tonight to faff about with fabrics and return a dress that i still don't know why i bought.



Monday, 23 November 2009

if i could be who you wanted all the time...

a piece from jenny holzer's Inflammatory Essays that i became quite fond of around the age of 17...reading it now, i think i was a bit crazed with teenage lusty-angsty-ness. actually, i think i might have been a bit scary. wow. figures.

i like quotations as's more interesting than a tag and looks like the writer felt that they HAD to exclaim it in a public place, just had to make sure everyone read it, that it affected others...etc etc...

the above is very true about me...fact.


p.s expiring for love is beautiful but stupid.

a very krafty khristmas......and beyond...

this weekend just gone i went christmas shopping with dave and becca...they were buying decorations for their trees...(i wish i had a tree of my very own...wah...)....we went to this shop off carnaby called Beyond the Valley, which i reckon is an outlet for St Martins graduates to sell their wares, you know, since alexander mcqueen isn't interested and stuff....henceforth, about 40% of it is easily achievable by moi avec un peu de temps....i'm going to make dave something like the above, except with black stretch foil...(£8 per metre, john lewis...yush..)

this is just pleats of tulle/chiffon/whatever knotted onto a cord.....i was all "dave, look! this is going to be really easy to make! there's nothing to it! how much?! £120! are they having a laugh!?"
and then realised the shop lady was behind me...."oh hai, shop lady...i'm just hanging out, mentally bastardising your stuff, hope yous don't mind!".

also, this, being sold for £45 (again, are you having a bubble?) is just felt loops stitched together...i just think, if i got my shiz together, maybe made some stuff, got an etsy page, got friends wearing it, went to some craft fairs....who's to say i couldn't make some pocket monies? i think i could. i know i could.....right? right?


Thursday, 19 November 2009

i hate

so why do you look at it? well, i don't, but i have before and it's really makes me hate people i don't her above...i mean, really? with the mum jeans and the bit of cloth crap draped round your head? no one thinks you are hot. cept you.

"oh hai, i'm just hanging out on the RAILWAY LINES with my fashionable look...that's how fashion i am, i risk my life for i get electrical burns on my arse for fashion...fashiionnnnn"

"i'm fashion because i drink coffee and carry my handbag this way, like the queen mother did...cept it's a frappachino, and i'm just standing in my driveway...have you got the flash on dad?"

the art of taking these kind of pictures is to act like you couldn't be less bothered about the fact that you are having your picture taken. Except you are really really really bothered, so bothered in fact, that you are prepared to hang out in some grimy location looking like a hooker, sitting on the floor, which is probably really itchy and covered in dried up dog wee.

......ok, so this girl is just cute.

......and i would most likely kiss this boy.

but other than that, it makes me's's's look-at-me-i''s talentless and they all LOOK THE SAME....the 90's are over chaps. sorry. put down the topshop denim and stop nurturing your "individual" (as dictated by urban outfitters) lifestyle.

wah. x

and as i lay beneath the pompoms, i dreamt of my fluffy future...

see, see how pretty it is!? i made it out of a lot of leftover wool...i say leftover, but its more "wool i bought because it was brightly coloured without actually having a purpose for it yet"...

pom poms take FOREVER to i kept getting wool fibres in my eyes...and wool burns on my fingers....but look, look how pretty!

before i settled on hanging them over my bed, i had attempted to hang them from my curtain rail...this led to me losing my balance, falling slightly, yelping, grabbing said curtain rail, hanging by said curtain rail, realising i wasn't that far from the floor, letting go and feeling very silly....unfortunately i don't think laura ashley curtain rails were made for impromptu's pretty bent.

still, you know, how pretty!?


Monday, 16 November 2009

er, santa? i've been well good n shit so can you get me dis ting i want?

hello mr john lewis mini sewing machine in pistachio for £49...would you like to come and live with me? we could make little bags together and go "duh duh duh duh" all night long...i'll wind your bobbin if you help me make sexy pointless things....yush.

oh hai, t shirt by loucher with lovely embroidered elbow pads saying you suck at people behind you want to come live in my wardrobe? i'd wear you on mondays at work and on sundays with ripped up jeans and long socks....

what's that lil' hello kitty headphones? you wanna come and travel round south london with me, playing radiohead when i'm grumpy and daft punk when i have to get somewhere fast? ok!


think of something sad...emmerdale's been cancelled!

this is what me and dave did this saturday...i made the ruff and he was the photographer...i did the make up...he photoshopped me until i was prwetty.

we should work together more was lovely times.

more pictures (as and when dave manages to photoshop out all my eyebrows....)


Thursday, 12 November 2009

"yeah, so, i found this picture and i thought maybe we could go for something like this this time..?"

my hair will never look like this and that's crap.

pictures created by Numero Korea...oh to have lilac ringlets or orange curls.....i'd wear flowers in my hair and i'd be nice to everyone.


tina sparkle!

this installation was created by Confetti System (amazing name) who are an art collective who mainly focus on all things sparkly and pretty in their work...I can't see how this represents anything other than "ooo...pretty..look how pretty" but that works for me.


Monday, 9 November 2009


very sadly, our family cat had to be put to sleep on saturday...she was very old and tired and was getting quite poorly. I'm very upset that it had to happen but i'm comforted by the fact that she's not in pain anymore....after this sadness has gone, i hope i'm left with happy memories of her attacking my brother through the bannisters, trying to climb in the fridge/bin/cupboard at any opportunity, sleeping in the tortoise's box and sitting on my bum while i was lying on the floor playing Sylvanian Families.

I love you polly and i hope kitty heaven is filled with slow moving mice and ready-to-eat chicken breast pieces from sainsbury's.


Friday, 6 November 2009

the names bup, buppy bup.

my bonjameen calls me bup...we were probably in tescos, probably buying halloumi/guacamole/booze, and then i was all "...ok, so i'm just going to go get some bup..." and he was all "excuse me?" and then i probably had to explain that that was what i call fizzy pop...wouldn't be shameful now but you know, i was probably still trying to pretend that i was cool.

so.....i made a badge of it....x

ghosts of christmas employment past...

i've come to associate the all-encompassing smell of lush with 2006 i worked in the nottingham branch and in 2007, time in croydon was mainly spent shooing tramps out the door, dealing with rude gypsy women who wanted everything for free, chasing schoolkids who would either a) chuck stuff about or b) nick it and telling people that no, the soap wasn't cheese and yeah, it wouldn't taste nice.

these were my favorite christmas things...ruby red slippers smells heavily like roses...snow fairy smells like the inside of a care bear.


i like the word blossom

these pieces have been handmade by Alicia A...

under a theme which is becoming quite prominant on this here blog, i think "i may copy this person"...i really like the little blossom corsage...i fear the hairpiece would fall out of my hair/make it look like i had an unfortunate deformity.

i guess that's why it's pretty much impossible to make any money from small craft businesses...generally people who look at your stuff are pretty crafty themselves and would much rather nick your ideas and do it themselves (hi there..) because really, that's half the fun...unless you actually have some kind of crazyass skill or some kind of wicked machinery (btw, if anyone has a spare screenprinter, that would be GREAT).

gonna go buy me some ebay felt....i'm thinking ivory and maybe a pink? huh. oh and some black so i can make a cameo badge....lush.


Thursday, 5 November 2009

the original balloon boy

this is my friend dave heading out to a halloween party last know, just an average night out, nothing special, whatever, don't look at me, i'm shy....

according to dave, the 50 balloons lasted until around 2am and while most bystanders just thought he was awesome, he did have to fend off one "sexy witch" who threatened to "pop them all" with a very aggressive "eff you". not what you'd expect from someone so....bouncy.....


p.s going to make a polka dot ruff for our photoshoot next week...must practise sad face...all will be revealed....

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

future projections : fabric cameos.

not really a subtle outfit but i really like the giant fabric cameo in the middle...wouldn't be too hard either, bit of black felt, ditsy floral print, lace....could look really cute as a pin badge....i'd need to visit the haberdashery but then, i always want to visit the haberdashery......


camilla d'errico : smushy girls

when i was at uni, there was a comic book shop called Page 45 and i went in there OFTEN...i occasionally bought books, but i mainly read them in the shop...if i really liked them, then i'd buy i spent my hard-earned pennies on (bar staff at Oceana anyone?) was Nightmares and Fairytales, illustrated by this lovely artist lady, Camilla d'Errico...

i like the sickly sweetness & the dark undertones...a lot of female illustrators who paint girls do though (fafi, junko etc)...for some reason its nice to see images of cute girls with a twisted ideology behind it because it subverts the masculine ideal of what is sexy? or does it just present a new implied male gaze, one that's more fucked up than the one previous? stupid implied male gaze, making me feel crap, making me buy bras that hurt.

this is an excellent representation of what i feel like with my headset on, answering the phone to stupid people, often repeating myself 3456 a day.


Tuesday, 3 November 2009

sunday afternoon with bonjameen : macaroons

bonjameen like cooking more than most things so i knew that if i planted the idea of making macaroons in his cheffy head, before long i would reap the benefits of his fascination...never before has someone utilised such machiavellian processes in order to get little almond cakey things....

we made chocolate, pistachio and strawberry with chocolate, pistachio and strawberry cream/mascarpone filling....yum....are you jaloux? oui.