Monday, 28 September 2009

i want this (part II)

i want two of these. one for me and one for bonjameen.

i want this (part I)

i want this.

i've answered 19 questions....

...because it's monday and i need 1. Show me the inside of something cute...(please see above...i think you'll find that's a freakin HELLO KITTY BUS).

Number 2. What is the last home cooking you had?....fajitas a la bonjameen avec le salsa and spicy rice....tsk gorgeous boy, making me fat.

Number 3. What do you miss?......bonjameen.

Number 4. What makes you laugh often?

Number 5. What is your favourite word?......the.

Number 6. What are you trying to quit?..........fizzy drinks, i'm failing.

Number 7. Whats your favourite commercial righ now?.......the trailer for Whip It with Drew Barrymore and the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are but it makes me cry.

Number 8. Whose style do you dig?........Bjork....her presence and her VOICE.

Number 9. Whats a great blog to look at? of cute food, mainly icing and cupcakes but so what right? because the cake, the CAKE, looks like a panda.

Number 10. Whats the last craft you made?......please scroll down for answer.

Number 11. Show something you got recently.....these boots will be mine in 2 weeks and i will wear them with spotty tights, frilly socks and a short short skirt.
Number 12. What are you looking forward to? 25th. seeing friends and getting cards, blowing out candles and feeling special (for a day).

Number 13. Post a recent photo of

Number 14. What is you favourite movie you watched recently?.....adventureland. was really good and strangely relaxing.....awesome soundtrack alsos.

Number 15. What is something you are working on right now?.....pom pom bunting and planning my future. which is more rewarding and fun you ask? POM POMS.

Number 16. In a movie, who would play you?.......see below.

Number 17. What gives you goosebumps?......see below's vocal chords and musical abilty/genius.
Number 18. Name a new

Number 19. What is the meaning of life? give it meaning.