Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Kick start your dream (again).

I know...I know...this blog is supposed to be defunct. I'd moved on to Posterous, it was going to be amazing, I was leaving Blogger behind me...

And I have. And it is.

But some of you lovely people still manage to find me here, and you have a read, and that's lovely.

I just wanted to stop by and let you know that the dream that kicked it all off, the little idea I had on the bus, the self-taught mad crochet skills..have all come to fresh 'n' ripe fruition once more...

pixielated is days away from being re-launched on etsy. For anyone who fancied a bit of pixie-ness last time around, just wait until you see what I've made for you THIS time.

Watch this space...

Big love Bloggerers...

Oh, and by the by, you might find it a lot more interesting to read my slightly shinier blog at www.pixielated.posterous.com


Friday, 7 January 2011

I've moved...follow me!

hello blog reader!

I have taken the jump to Posterous!

(Its a bit better than Blogger....i can post videos and songs and multiple pictures and it looks nicer. I've always thought Blogger looked a bit naff. Sorry Blogger.)

So please, if you are a regular reader, or an occasional viewer, or this is your first time popping by....visit me at my new home:


...for more pictures of cool things and chat about crafty bits and general funtimes.

Hope to see you there!


Thursday, 6 January 2011

quoth the spiderman.

here are some muchly hilarious prints from Rich Fairhead (from his "Book of Unused Quotes Volume II" or something....i forget).

hehehehehe...funny yes? YES.

This one is my favourite. I think I might change my desktop wallpaper to this.

Our first week back to school is nearly over....


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

WARNING! : Escaped Panda

ahhhhh...here are some pictures of my co-worker Hannah's adorable little Panda Niece wearing her Christmas gift from pixielated...

ARGH....run away from the amazingly cute escaped Panda as she roams across the wild moors, searching in vain for bamboo!

Toooooooo cute.


Tuesday, 4 January 2011

he's like, a total baldwin.

happy new year to you and yours! I'm back at work today and crikey, I am not pleased.

I got used to doing what i liked, and seeing my bonji, and having naps, and doing crochet, and watching poirot.

to combat this shizzleness, here are a couple of Dan Baldwin's paintings. his work is quite similar to my bestest artist person, Antony Micallef. i like the smooshes and drips. I like how it looks like f**ked up Paperchase wrapping paper.....

you get me?

he had a couple of prints for sale in a brighton gallery last time me and bonji had a daytrip. I can't afford him.

hope your january has started ok, and continues to be ok. january can only ever be ok, let's face it.