Wednesday, 26 May 2010

...some new pieces by my absolute favourite artist in the world ever, antony micallef. i know i've blogged about him before but gosh, just look at the pretty, dirty, smudgy, blurry AWESOMENESS.

its like jeff koons but not overwrought and banksy without the faux aggression and manga without the cuteness and art school but with talent.

i really really really want to own a print of any of his stuff. i really really really want to have a poster in my bedroom.

check out his website for some more of his work...a lot of it is darker than the stuff i pick out (so if you are an ickle bit twisted, he might work out well for you too....)


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

garland, as in, not judy.

i love pointless garlands of pretty things! like these butterflies...

...or this bunting....

...or these giant tissue paper pom poms...

..or cute cutout letters....

...failing that, what about amazing pop-arty balloons?

make sure you tie it to your wrist so it doesn't fly away...


Thursday, 20 May 2010

blog to bloglovin'

the lovely linziloop emailed me to tell me that she had featured me in her "Folksy Friday Festival Season" blog post...she wrote some really lovely things and introduced pixielated to all her followers and fans, so thank you!

you can follow linziloop and check out her shop here:


collars and cuffs....

alongside building up my stock & doing some custom orders, i have been fiddling about with making a pattern for a detachable peter pan collar....i found these today by Hopelessly Devoted on etsy...they are REALLY nicely done.

i've been collecting up some really pretty cutesy fabrics to make some with...but the pattern is's tricky to get it to sit right without having anything to attach it to...

...also, it's hard to make patterns when you have 2 hyperactive kittens who love rustly paper noises/rolling around in paper/attacking pencils/nicking your stuff/knocking over drinks.


Thursday, 13 May 2010

nice stuffs you'd make want if possible okay?

1. ooooo....embroidered bag to take to picnics with knitting inside.

2. handmade bear onesie from brighton to bop around in at festivals.

3. i am considering paying 69p + £1.80 delivery in order to get my innerfatgurl some cheetos crunchy up in her grill.

4. crap cute hair.

5. kitty dress!

6. inspirational banners in cheerful colours make you more inspired : FACT.

7. watching a programme with some slightly soppy guy chat about Henri Matisse and going "yeah....matisse was awesome" and then remembering your art teacher bang on about him but your entire GCSE art class was like "whatever, i like andy warhol" and feeling bad.

8. day dreaming on cloud pillows.....

9. someone's awesome retro rubber collection. hur hur....."hey, alex, can i borrow your rubber?!" hur hur you actually mean CONDOM? hur hur......(i had one shaped like a lipstick and loads of rainbow ones from various museums from various school trips....i always bought rubbers with my 50p....a practice i have continued into my adult life.....HUR HUR HUR.)

nearly friday......*mental high five


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

a craftyklutz in residence....

something really exciting that i have been working on for the last 2 or three weeks was a commission from Northampton based designers Lost At Sea...they asked me to make 10 of my Bling Bling chains for their cute new shop in the Fishmarket Gallery...

here are a few of their jewellery pieces....i love that they are made out of wood, it looks really takes the same kind of bold cut out look that so many (dare i say...slightly unoriginal) designers have recreated with perspex and gives it a new twist...

i love this dinosaur ring! it's so adorable!

and finally, here is the supercute shop front and a little picture of some Bling Bling chains looking all professional in a real actual shop...I love nautical detailing so i LOVE the shop front (even down to the font they've used!) and the tablecloth is awemazing...

Good luck to Vicky (the lovely owner), it looks awesome!


Tuesday, 11 May 2010

format chart + select fill.

spent the afternoon fiddling about with excel, trying to remember everything from that 1 day course i did in a basement near london bridge. i can rename tabs and autosum, that's for certains. we got food vouchers to the value of £5, i DEFINITELY remember that.

i found this super cute idea to turn an old jacket lapel into a necklace/t-shirt extra bit. You'd actually have to completely ruin a jacket though......reckon my dad would notice? yup, me too.

(i'm currently spending my all my evenings madly trying to get my stock levels back up for Stour Space market.....i really want to start some new projects, but they should probably wait til i get some "free" time....oh yeah, and i'm still trying to drive cars around legally.....where do the hours go? oh yeeeeahh...making excel graphs....i forgot.)


Thursday, 6 May 2010

don't you know who i am?

i have had two tatty devine name necklaces in the past...oooo....6 years (?!) and both i have broken (one got stuck in a drawer and snapped, the other snapped while "safe" in my purse...grrrr..) and i think the time has come to replace it...(yet again)....i think i'm going to go for this matt gold....without a dangly bit. i toyed with having BeckyAmy, but i reckoned the longer it is, the more likely i am to snap it again. see? sensible.

i do love the extra big ones they do but i don't think i'd be happy with everyone who happens to walk past me knowing my name. could get creepy.

going to go and vote later at my old primary school....big up the hayes to politicians.


Wednesday, 5 May 2010

fugly festival frappery.

i am already looking forward to my summer and the funtimes they will contain. but with this time of year comes all the "what to wear to festivals" specials featuring pictures of kate moss and pixie geldof wearing £900 outfits that they got helicoptered into their purpose built castles. anyone who takes nice clothes to a festival is a MORON. however, these things will happen.

1. these cycling shorts are disgusting. but they will happen. they will happen on a 15 yr old wreckhead who has fallen over outside the toilets.

2. these clogs are vile. however they will happen. they will happen on someone who wants to be like alexa chung and has never been to a festival before but wanted to go because alexa chung goes to festivals. they will be sinking into the mud/breaking their ankle at V festival this year, because they've got wicked people playing, like scouting for girls and pixie lott.

3. this is slutty as a bungalow in sluttown. however, it will happen. she'll look like a model but cooler and will have a VIP pass for no other reason than that reason.

4. this is lame. but it will happen. they'll be a tool wearing expensive sunglasses which they will eventually lose and also, they will be standing in front of you.

5. these are just awesome. i'm getting these.


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

and again....and again!

pixielated has been featured in two more treasurys on etsy!

thanks chaps!