Thursday, 28 January 2010

like, omg.

so, i was on, which is a japanese version of ebay designed to give you a headache/possible seizure (many, many flashing images all at once) and i saw this top and i thought, "huh, that's cute, i like the bows" and then i saw these...

a gizmo kigu! actual gizmo!!

cutest bear ever! kitty kigu?? A HELLO KITTY ONE!?

.......IN PINK???!

......* falls off chair overcome with consumer lust.

if you have ever liked me AT ALL, please buy me one of these. i will literally marry you.


Wednesday, 27 January 2010

and then i shall go to a party, and i shall wear the pink dress.

Betsy McCall paper dolls! look! i remember paper dolls...mine did NOT have dresses as awesome as this little lady....looking through all the pages, she has outfits for every occasion...including...wait for it....visiting the U.N!

amazing....i simply wouldn't know WHAT to wear....


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

i like you now go away (but come back)

awesome cards by betty bipolar on etsy.

i like her hand printing because it looks like a typewriter. i'm a big fan of uncomfortable sentiment in all situations. awkward declarations of love mean so much more when they are slightly confused.


Monday, 25 January 2010

nine things better than that film nine what had fergie in it.

hello, it's monday and another week has begun...inevitably but annoyingly all the same. so look, see, a semi-permanant pink unicorn tattoo! i'd put it on my hip or across my shoulder and terrify my mum.

dreaming of june and all the summer festivals i will want to go to after the biggie-daddy that is glasto-ooooo.

too clever. also, massively geeky.


this would be a really cute valentines idea if i were dating a girl. i don't know if bonjameen would feel the same way about felt letters as i would.....still, i like the font.

to like ampersands more than other characters in the alphabet seems silly.

shall i make crocheted travelcard holders? SHALL I??

"oh hai, i'm alexa chung, i've got a lush mulberry bag actually named after me and stuff. do you actual hate me yet?"

well screw you alexa, because i'm going to wear my ampersand necklace and carry my junk round in a bag that looks like a book. then i will look more good than you and i will get an mtv show. then i will quit the mtv show, because mtv is horrific.

today i have been listening to The XX, Roxy Music and Hot Chip's new single. And also, if i'm being totally honest with you, songs from Glee.

roll on next adventure.


Thursday, 21 January 2010

sweeeeeet harmony.

my boyfriend maintains that i can never decide on my "style" because my wardrobe looks like fancy dress. i would wear this everyday for a week. Maybe he has a point.

i'll marry you if you give me this first.

i love the idea of reading other people's love notes. i love love notes. i got a love note once, with a CD inside. it was the BEST.

oh hello, brown lace up shoes that everyone in east london has. can i have you too? promise i'll take you further afield than dalston....

.....don't think it would work as well on a dell laptop from 2006.

"honey, do you know what would make our baby cooler? knitted rollerskates."

nearly friday....


Tuesday, 19 January 2010


look at my logo! look at my LOGO! isn't it exciting? yes, yes it is.

thank you pants to roberto.....he also made up the word "awemazing" today.

i love it when a plan comes together....


my crush, my lovely lady crush.

there are so many girls out there...and it's such a sad sad shame that only a few inspire me to be a better girl. bjork is everything i could wish to be...truly gifted, talented, beautiful, different, original, respected, unique, creative, powerful, feminine.

also, if ever in any sort of sticky situation, ask yourself "what would angela lansbury do?"...chances are she'd handle the issue with class and dignity. even when faced with murder and death EVERY bloody day, she always finds the time to look smart and be pleasant. and wear pearls.

germaine greer is awesome. when i read The Beautiful Boy, i was completely floored by it. when i read The Female Eunuch, i felt a little ashamed. i wish i could be as strong in my leanings as she is, as clear in my reading of my relationships with other people and surrounding influences. i spent ages drawing this portrait by paula rego in the NPG at the age of 16 on a school trip. i used up all my red oil pastel.


Monday, 18 January 2010


does anything appeal to me more than tacky plastic colours?

i think maybe only haribo does.

the past weekend involved watching billy connolly being rude at the apollo, failing to steal a hello kitty scooter due to being late for said gig, deciding that i want to call the new kittens mork & mindy, making knitted cat ears and sitting next to SIR IAN MCKELLEN on the tube.

because he was reading and looked tired and had clearly just finished performing Waiting for Godot (which is loooonnnnng and, let's be honest, boring) i left him alone.

sometimes i wish i was more disrespectful, if only so that i could get more pictures with famous people.


Thursday, 14 January 2010


i will (between the hours of 5:30pm to 11pm).



i would make a big man shirt out of this rabbit fabric and i would wear it to work with my geeky glasses on and i would pull the sleeves down over my hands and read a book in the corner and you would want to talk to me.

I would make a big tote bag out of these stripes to carry all my sweets and knitting in. but mainly sweets. no you can't have any sweets.

I would make an all-in-one playsuit out of these dots but it would have long shorts to cover my wibbly thighs and a pink zip at the front and i would wear it to festivals with a white sunhat.

I would make a big twirly skirt out of these daisies and i would dance around my garden to songs by 80's bands drinking alchoholic ginger beer in the summer.


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

make this....only better.

panda crochet bonnets.....i could make this. but better.

detachable neck ruffles. i could make this. but better.

i'm having a self confident 5 minutes.


mr dave will see you now.

so, i've been in conversation with dave - the amazing photographer - about ideas for pictures for my online shop/website/ ever, i am super excited about working with him...he's got all organised. i'm impressed. so....ideas bubbling round my head are....big swirly lollipops.

....super bright lips and pale pale skin...

...white/pink/pastel hair with fringes....

....& nerdy glasses, heart glasses and deidre barlow glasses.

also, i tried to register on etsy as pixielated but someone, SOMEONE, already has that name so my web address will be which is ok i suppose. gah.


Friday, 8 January 2010

sartorial inspiration for the weekend.

i say "for the weekend" like i'm not going to just sit around in my dad's jumper watching teevee and knitting stuff. if i were to be super awesome trendy, i would wear my polka dot ruffle to a party.

...this is lovely, oui? oui.

also, i would never (because my dad would disown me) and i could never (because i'm a wuss) and i should never (because i'm fickle) but i love this tattoo.

happy friday...


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

10 things to make january more reasonable...

1. my front garden occasionally resembling a tim burton film set.

2. new handbags for my consideration for the year and proper?

or black and quilty?

3. only buying breton striped clothing, no matter how hard i try not to.

4. crocheting snow bonnets in front of CSI marathons and getting crampy fingers.

5. dreaming of pale pink hair...

6. being excited to meet my new maine coon kitten in march...he will be silver blue tabby and he will be named Milo and he will be beautiful.

7. watching my buffy boxset...i'm up to season 2, angel has not yet gone evil.

8. indulging in comfort food...all i want is fried breakfasts. but for lunch.

9. buying lots of wool in many different colours for all my exciting projects i have thought of.

10. getting better at driving and fantasising about shiny cars.