Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Would you like some Pe-can Pi-e?

pixielated has been featured in yet another treasury by another lovely etsy type...this one is celebrating the 4th of July.....see, bear ears can be worn to celebrate national holidays also....USA! USA! *bear growl.

I have now also sold over half my original a few extra commissions.....time for a re-stock maybe? new ideas...more late night crocheting....more excessive online wool ordering in my lunchtime?



Wednesday, 23 June 2010

long socks and wellies, tentpegs and backpacks.

this little blogger is going to her first ever glastonbury early tomorrow morning and to say she was excited would be the understatement of the century.

i almost don't want it to start, because then it will have to finish.


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Care Bears... cute? this is Rima.....

and this is Tamsin and Sara.....

...all doing a very adorable job of modelling pink bear and panda crochet ears at Tamsin's birthday party....(all now are proud owners!)

i think we are all in agreement, very lovely bears indeed....


Thursday, 3 June 2010

please let that be a footbridge.... last weekend saw my first foray into the crafty world of craft fairs at Stour Space Designer's Market....and it was.....erm....very sadly....not very good. The weather was bollocks and someone decided to build an olympics nearby and the tube was closed and it was cold and everyone who worked at the warehouse seemed to be stoned. Some of the stall holders had been to previous fairs and said they were ok, so i guess i was just unlucky......

still, i managed to sell 2 bling bling chains...only myself and a girl selling jewellery made any i guess i was....lucky? there was a girl further down selling drawings of vaginas. i'm not suprised she didn't sell anything. they weren't even GOOD drawings of vaginas.

this chap was selling cool prints and that girl was selling yummy cupcakes....i felt bad that they would go to waste. the "organisers" didn't seem to give a shit. plus, my assistant for the day, becca, also fell prey to the whole "oh-i-see-there-is-an-olympic-sized-structure-in-the-middle-of-my-google-map" issue and quite rightly got lost, got wet, gave up and went home. i think i owe her a cupcake.....

still, not all doom and gloom...i got chatting to some really nice girls, lily and ling. and i now know that there is a market for pixielated....just not when it's cold and wet with oppressive japanese minimal techno playing in the background...

i packed up around 4ish and headed to Tamsin's birthday at Quintessentially Soho (i know, posh right?) and drank at least 5 wines...

brilliant outcome of the day? tamsin's collective partygoers loved all things pixielated and i've had orders and commissions! lovely people, lovely result!

i would do another craft fair...just maybe a more, how do you say, established one?