Friday, 30 October 2009

i want this (part 4)

eeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....flying squirrel snuggle giant romper suit costume thing? er, YES's from a company called Kigu and deary me, i would live in this at home, pretending to fly....maybe stealing nuts....generally being a squirrel.

i want this. x

happy halloween (enforced frivolity in the workplace.)

today, me and khetsi got all spooky n shiz in the office...we've got cobwebs, streamers, skulls and spiders...fake blood in the toilets and silly string attacks, mini mars bars and toffee popcorn.

shame there's only about 15 people here....i think i was over my 50p plastic cape by about 11:45am.

monster mashy? i wish.


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

unrelated craft issue no.2: many tobeys

i love tobey...i think....I THINK....he may be the sexiest thing ever to look like a boy....(my favorite parts include his pouty mouth, dopey eyes, tendancy to portray spiderman/peter parker and bashfully awkward nature)....above we have slightly camp, stretchy arm tobey.

here we have "ow, dude, why did you punch me in the arm? that hurt did it because it makes me look cute? oh ok then." tobey.

here we have messy elf tobey...
and finally, topless-spiderman-with-glasses-nearly-on tobey.

if i sound crazy, it's because tobey makes my spider sense go beserk.


i'm going to vaguely copy this person.

i found this girl's etsy shop and i really like her's a bit hipster for me but i think i've worked out how she does it (something to do with plastic canvas 14 count and fill stitches) so i'm going to buy some and make something a bit less geometric, bit more cute...letters?...hearts? wah, i'm not sure. i need a new project though, i've finished my pompom bunting and the evenings are becoming boringly filled with emmerdale and laundry (i know right? LAME.)

she covers the back with lace and i think she overstitches it to the front...hummmm.

in other news : i have a double astigmatism, which goes someway to explain why i've felt drunk for about 3 weeks now....will probably mean expensive new contacts and lenses in my much for saving up some £££. : (

oh, but i am going to glasto there's that to look forward to. : )


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

i saw them on masterchef but like, i could so make them, right?

laduree macarons....what do you think are the chances of me being able to whip up some of these lilttle hunks of lush? slim to none? i think you'd be right.

bet you any money that macarons will be the next cupcake.....

p.s will be posting pictures of my latest project soon.........pompoms!

unrelated craft issue no.1 : boys i would like to....

oh my teenage lustyness...i had this picture in my ACTUAL locker at school....while others dreamed of leo saving them from sinking boats, i dreamt of a boy who would be a bit confused over the possibility of an apocalypse...this is the boy i would most like to kiss while bunking off school.

ahhhh...the tim bisley....not simon pegg reaaaaally....but tim bisley? struggling comic book artist? falls in love with a short haired receptionist? bleached hair? wears make up to bed? henceforth, boy i would like to marry.......


Monday, 12 October 2009

i want this III

i do want this...but i wish it hadn't been tainted by the all-other-peoples-ideas-pretending-i'm-some-kind-of-creative-genius mare that is the gaga.

25 going on 17.

so now i'm 25 i think i should start behaving as thus and stop eating doritos and salsa for tea......errrrrrrrm....NO. (above) starbucks cups that were supped by yours truly and the wonderfully fabosh Ding a Ling a DomDom....she took me to the tate modern to ignore the art and natter, to pizza express for eggy pizza and to starbucks for white hot chocolate and a woman who wanted all the seats for herself. She also popped a party popper in my face. "hey dom, remember my 25th when you gave me third degree burns to my face? that was funny." I LOVE HER.

bonjameen took me for dinner at our local italian and it was lovely. i had scallops and bruschetta and rose i have to take him out for dinner for his birthday which was about 7 months ago. not my fault, not my fault....!

birthday cupcakes from the hummingbird bakery....yumyumfatbum....

daffyd and becca and i went and did 2 hours of karaoke in luckyvoice in was SO much fun, i can not tell you HOW MUCH....we did dizzee rascal, roxette, kylie, journey...and of humps. 2 hours wasn't enough. we were very very drunk and it was just like old times and therefore AWESOME.

i got this from bonjameen..i keep wanting to eat it...along with my new boots....i love my new boots, they are so hot right now....they've made marks all over the reception floor of my office...which kinda makes me like them more.... : P

but i'm sad about stephen gately...he was my best boyzone until i was lured by the bad boy charms of shane lynch. but RIP were really cute.

roll on next year.....hope this year is fun.

older wiser bup x

Thursday, 1 October 2009

cake to frosting ratio 1:5

i don't actually like cupcakes that much because they kind of make me feel sick but i think they look nice....apologies for the bad lighting but i took the picture last night after my driving lesson and it was getting dark. boo, cross out no-more-summer.

my lessons have been going ok but last night Stephen told me that if i kept twanging the clutch like i have been, he'll start charging me for damage to his car. so essentially, stop twanging my fffing clutch.

in other news, i have been making pom poms and it's my birthday next week, for which i have just booked a very expensive room in soho to sing karaoke with becca and dave. what better way to spend £60 in soho on a friday night?................................oh.