Friday, 4 December 2009

i need me some gourmet brain food.

gorgeous cloth covered classic books...i would read dorian all over again....were you annoyed at the ending of dorian? i was. i think part of me wanted him to live on, being evil, still looking beautiful, doing horrendous things, getting away with it. someone i knew once compared himself to dorian gray....i should have laughed at him and left, sharpish.

i've got christmas consumer sickness already...i feel really uncomfortable with all the buying and wanting and sequins and booze and fake snow and lip gloss and eating and excess. i think i've also reached my female media saturation point. i can't take any more "how to smell like peaches geldof" or "katie price uses this banana shampoo" or "look like cheryl for £46". they are all so ugly, all these famous get so used to seeing pictures of them, that i think, if you met them, you'd be amazed to see...the back of their head...or the sole of their it doesn't exist or something. you see pictures of these people, posing their asses off, and then you think, they had to do that, they chose to stand in front of photographers like that, with their hand on their hip, pouting, doing sex face. and that's just so horrible.

i think i'm tired and ready for the weekend.


p.s actually f**k peaches geldof though. gah.

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