Tuesday, 19 May 2009

being illustrious.

giant skeleton heads and leotards and black half tutus.

big big hair way before coppola ripped me off.

ribbons and frou frou and black leather tape.

nubile young things with massive florals and petticoats.

please peruse at your pleasure some drawings wot i did do while hankering away at uni. both are part of design for dance briefs. On both occasions, i got remarkably carried away with drawing and painting and HAVING FUN FOR ONCE, which unfortunately doesn't carry well with tutors trying to extract some sense from all your glitter. i think these projects pretty much cemented the idea that "fricktits, i should have done illustration", not because i was all "wow im really good at this" but because it made me very very happy for a short period of time, sitting on my blue carpet covered in glue and black ink and high on the fumes of spray paint. there ain't no paper like tracing paper.