Thursday, 25 March 2010

girl crush.

this is katie of colour me katie...she's cool. she cuts out birds from magazines and pretends they are playing with her hair...

she draws chalk footprints on the pavement outside her flat and then pretends people are making them as they walk by...

she fills bottles with coloured water and sprays the slushy brown snow....

she makes strings of paper aeroplanes and hangs them up in her flat....

and she builds dens filled with stars.

it all looks like so much FUN.


go go go joseph.

pixielated has launched! arrrrgh!

check it out now at

lots of people looking so far, which is nice......only one sale but hopefully more on the way.......


Monday, 22 March 2010

7 cool stuffs.

pom pom bear headband from red velvet art...

this would probably snap in two but it's cool. (etsy)

the playsuit on the right that could be painter's overalls but cuter. (neet magazine)

completely OTT edwardian lookin' dress suits with big white buttons.

awesome jumper modelled by a frumpy frump.

up-cycled shirt scarf....i'm going to make one of these out of an old floral shirt dress.

yes you are. the wood beams say so.


1. i went to the stitch and craft show and got some nice things.....will photograph and put up soon.
2. i have my theory test on saturday and i'm scared i'm going to fail.
4. pixielated is in it's final stages of moo cards have arrived and they look awemazing....!

5. i have a new job and it's 98% better than my old one.

monday love...*woo hoo Glee 9pm!*....


Friday, 19 March 2010

a sneaky peak.....


here's a cheeky look at what's to come from pixielated....

all will be revealed soon...



Sunday, 14 March 2010

fanny lights and mini eggs : behind the scenes glamourousness

so yesterday was my finally happened...tamsin met me at clapham junction early-ish and we headed to the bright lights of mortlake...winged eyeliner and bright lipsticks a gogo....

my co-model....too too pretty...i should have asked someone uglier really....

yes, it's models do eat. pringles and mini eggs and peanut cookies maybe, but it's sort of like food....dave bought out some bulldog clips to pin back our fat bits....i'm joking (he just photoshops them out)...

lipstick re-application number 678...i think i ate about a tube of lipstick yesterday.

tam choosing between two hats....seriously though, i don't know how stylists do this's well hard. ahem.

a sneak peak at the test shot.
so, it's all i'm just waiting on the photoshop maestro that is dave....i've seen about 10 of the pics and they look AWESOME (largely due to the sexyness of tam and the photographic brilliance of dave...thank you so much chaps...) and i can't wait to get started.....

Friday, 12 March 2010

boo, i'm spooky. trust.

making clothes for dolls and selling them to people who have no way an immature pastime.

i've seen it around for a while with those horrible bug eyed Blythe dolls...but these dolls are pretty neat...check out her stripey tights and mary'd want to hang out with her.

...and this also is an outfit i wouldn't mind owning. Nifty hat, blue stripes and anchors...what's not to like?

i remember trying to make my dolls outfits out of my clothes when i was little....."just cutting up my clothes, tra la la......oh hey mum, yeah, i'm just cutting up my clothes...why do you look so cross?"

...almost as good as the time i redecorated the kitchen with poster paint.


Wednesday, 10 March 2010

like the insides of a care bear.

i've found a new blog called Such Pretty Things. I do have a feeling that this woman might have a very wealthy husband and a lot of time on her hands...but she does indeed document a lot of pretty her cupboard of sweets and sprinkles and coloured sugar.

or her visit to an amazing haberdashery in new york...look at all the silk flowers! you could make a lot of.....things with silk flowers on....with those. i like the wheelie ladder...."quick, Sue, scoot down to pink roses!"

....wall of ribbons. ribbon porn.

i love this ribbon....(hardcore ribbon porn).

while even i can't reach the depths of girlie that require a "pastel pink tutu lamp" or "party favours with shabby pink and blue paper lace", i do like looking at sexy photos of vintage fabrics and wallpapers. oh, and she does something called "Target Tuesday", whereby she goes to Target, buys something crap, and makes it girlie and pink.

votes for Primark Monday?


Tuesday, 2 March 2010

be a doll, won't you?

good afternoon, i found some more dresses on etsy...

these are by red doll....

and are little bits of black and ivory loveliness, agreed?

in other news, i've created a flickr account as i read in a small business profile somewhere that it can be a great way for people to "stumble" across your shop...trouble is, i think flickr are getting wise to all this free etsy promotion and have taken a dislike to it....we'll see.

i'm so nearly there with all next week...get the photos, get the site up, get promoting, get online, get tags made, get flyers up, get canvassing, get bloggy, get lucky, get busy wit it!



Monday, 1 March 2010

i want to be beside it.

it's sunny today...really sunny but still really cold. but if you look out the window and pretend in your head, it could be summer...

...and if it was summer, i would wake up on a saturday and ask bonjameen if he wanted to go to brighton...and he would. we would eat cupcakes from angel food bakery (above)....and walk around the laines and maybe i would buy fabric from Ditto.....

...bonjameen would look in record shops and i'd look at books and dresses. then we'd go to Bill's (above) and queue for ages to get a seat, but it would be worth it because the food is yummy.

then the sun would start to go down and maybe we'd walk up and down the pier before getting in the car to go home with burnt noses. i'd fall asleep and bonjameen will listen to the radio....

.....roll on sunny days and summer days.