Thursday, 10 December 2009

floaty light.

dresses by ida sjostedt...ahhh, so pretty...i wouldn't be able to do anything even vaguely manly in this outfit...i wouldn't even be able to lift stuff. or drink beer. i'd have to sit down a lot and wear blusher and be polite.

not to be a crazy pyscho woman or anything, but i'd wear this to my wedding.

this past weekend i went to the historic city of Bath with bonjameen for 4 days...we got our room upgraded so we had a historic four poster bed and we went to the bath spa and sat in the rooftop pool looking at the historic abbey at nightime...we shared a steam room with many japanese students until i got too hot and then had a historically yummy meal at jamies italian.

best things consumed this weekend: elderflower prosecco and massive green olives.


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