Monday, 23 November 2009

a very krafty khristmas......and beyond...

this weekend just gone i went christmas shopping with dave and becca...they were buying decorations for their trees...(i wish i had a tree of my very own...wah...)....we went to this shop off carnaby called Beyond the Valley, which i reckon is an outlet for St Martins graduates to sell their wares, you know, since alexander mcqueen isn't interested and stuff....henceforth, about 40% of it is easily achievable by moi avec un peu de temps....i'm going to make dave something like the above, except with black stretch foil...(£8 per metre, john lewis...yush..)

this is just pleats of tulle/chiffon/whatever knotted onto a cord.....i was all "dave, look! this is going to be really easy to make! there's nothing to it! how much?! £120! are they having a laugh!?"
and then realised the shop lady was behind me...."oh hai, shop lady...i'm just hanging out, mentally bastardising your stuff, hope yous don't mind!".

also, this, being sold for £45 (again, are you having a bubble?) is just felt loops stitched together...i just think, if i got my shiz together, maybe made some stuff, got an etsy page, got friends wearing it, went to some craft fairs....who's to say i couldn't make some pocket monies? i think i could. i know i could.....right? right?


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