Friday, 27 November 2009

badly photocopied references again and again and again.

i loved lemony snicket's a series of unfortunate events...i thought it was's such a shame it didn't take off in the harry potter way i think they wanted it to...the costumes are absolutely beautiful, they look old and gothic but still new and original at the same time....and the animated end credits made me stay in the cinema an extra 10 minutes...find them on youtube, trust.

sophia coppola's marie antoinette was everything i thought it was going to be (fluffy, stupid, pointless, emotionless) but the costumes? the costumes?! sigh.

i became totally obsessed with this film at st's called party monster and it's about michael alig, an 80's club kid who launched the new york club scene then killed his dealer and hid the body in a cardboard box...doesn't sound much fun but it opened my eyes to all these spectacular costumes...and leigh bowery and michael clark....basically, it made my sketchbooks a truckload more interesting...i stopped drawing dresses and started drawing boys in much more fun....(i also posed nude for a fellow student's LCF portfolio, but that's another story....)

"i've been around the world but i've never been to me"....i love priscilla....i love the bit when tick is sitting on top of the bus with about 60 metres of silver parachute silk flowing behind him...mainly because it's completely irrelevent to anything (just how i like it...)....I wrote part of my dissertation on'd be amazed at the gender theory issues present in this film...if you are ever really bored, i'll tell you.

sigh.......johnathan rhys meyers in velvet goldmine wearing feathers with blue hair? my heaven, this is what angels look like.


p.s today i am listening to roxy music : jealous guy.

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