Monday, 16 November 2009

er, santa? i've been well good n shit so can you get me dis ting i want?

hello mr john lewis mini sewing machine in pistachio for £49...would you like to come and live with me? we could make little bags together and go "duh duh duh duh" all night long...i'll wind your bobbin if you help me make sexy pointless things....yush.

oh hai, t shirt by loucher with lovely embroidered elbow pads saying you suck at people behind you want to come live in my wardrobe? i'd wear you on mondays at work and on sundays with ripped up jeans and long socks....

what's that lil' hello kitty headphones? you wanna come and travel round south london with me, playing radiohead when i'm grumpy and daft punk when i have to get somewhere fast? ok!


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