Thursday, 19 November 2009

i hate

so why do you look at it? well, i don't, but i have before and it's really makes me hate people i don't her above...i mean, really? with the mum jeans and the bit of cloth crap draped round your head? no one thinks you are hot. cept you.

"oh hai, i'm just hanging out on the RAILWAY LINES with my fashionable look...that's how fashion i am, i risk my life for i get electrical burns on my arse for fashion...fashiionnnnn"

"i'm fashion because i drink coffee and carry my handbag this way, like the queen mother did...cept it's a frappachino, and i'm just standing in my driveway...have you got the flash on dad?"

the art of taking these kind of pictures is to act like you couldn't be less bothered about the fact that you are having your picture taken. Except you are really really really bothered, so bothered in fact, that you are prepared to hang out in some grimy location looking like a hooker, sitting on the floor, which is probably really itchy and covered in dried up dog wee.

......ok, so this girl is just cute.

......and i would most likely kiss this boy.

but other than that, it makes me's's's look-at-me-i''s talentless and they all LOOK THE SAME....the 90's are over chaps. sorry. put down the topshop denim and stop nurturing your "individual" (as dictated by urban outfitters) lifestyle.

wah. x

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