Thursday, 19 November 2009

and as i lay beneath the pompoms, i dreamt of my fluffy future...

see, see how pretty it is!? i made it out of a lot of leftover wool...i say leftover, but its more "wool i bought because it was brightly coloured without actually having a purpose for it yet"...

pom poms take FOREVER to i kept getting wool fibres in my eyes...and wool burns on my fingers....but look, look how pretty!

before i settled on hanging them over my bed, i had attempted to hang them from my curtain rail...this led to me losing my balance, falling slightly, yelping, grabbing said curtain rail, hanging by said curtain rail, realising i wasn't that far from the floor, letting go and feeling very silly....unfortunately i don't think laura ashley curtain rails were made for impromptu's pretty bent.

still, you know, how pretty!?


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