Friday, 6 November 2009

i like the word blossom

these pieces have been handmade by Alicia A...

under a theme which is becoming quite prominant on this here blog, i think "i may copy this person"...i really like the little blossom corsage...i fear the hairpiece would fall out of my hair/make it look like i had an unfortunate deformity.

i guess that's why it's pretty much impossible to make any money from small craft businesses...generally people who look at your stuff are pretty crafty themselves and would much rather nick your ideas and do it themselves (hi there..) because really, that's half the fun...unless you actually have some kind of crazyass skill or some kind of wicked machinery (btw, if anyone has a spare screenprinter, that would be GREAT).

gonna go buy me some ebay felt....i'm thinking ivory and maybe a pink? huh. oh and some black so i can make a cameo badge....lush.


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