Wednesday, 4 November 2009

camilla d'errico : smushy girls

when i was at uni, there was a comic book shop called Page 45 and i went in there OFTEN...i occasionally bought books, but i mainly read them in the shop...if i really liked them, then i'd buy i spent my hard-earned pennies on (bar staff at Oceana anyone?) was Nightmares and Fairytales, illustrated by this lovely artist lady, Camilla d'Errico...

i like the sickly sweetness & the dark undertones...a lot of female illustrators who paint girls do though (fafi, junko etc)...for some reason its nice to see images of cute girls with a twisted ideology behind it because it subverts the masculine ideal of what is sexy? or does it just present a new implied male gaze, one that's more fucked up than the one previous? stupid implied male gaze, making me feel crap, making me buy bras that hurt.

this is an excellent representation of what i feel like with my headset on, answering the phone to stupid people, often repeating myself 3456 a day.


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