Friday, 20 August 2010

We Make, I Make, You Make....They Maketh

Exciting pixielated newsflash number 1! I have applied to and been accepted by the We Make Christmas Fair! Huzzah! I'm really excited by this, as it's pretty much the biggest fair in London...I'm really looking forward to doing my first proper (yeah...suck it Stour Space) event!

There are 3 different rooms (i'm in the small room...cheaper than the big room, not as cheap as having a stall in the corridor) and i've already hired my assistants (a really nice lady called Mum and a lovely young graduate named Becca..).
I reckon i'll try and make lots of smaller ears for babies and cute kids and hopefully i'll have some time to make some completely new bits and bobs....(er..probably not!) My Mum is going to make some of her famous Christmas Pudding tea cozies/egg might not think you need one...but you do....

look at where it's being held! bit nicer than a warehouse in east london huh? I've just got to work out a bit more professional stall appearance...i've been looking at getting some mannequin heads, but the poly heads are REALLY creepy and the cool vintage wicker hat stands cost a fortune...any ideas?

looking forward to seeing you on December 4th! if you want more details, go here:



  1. Would these work?

  2. potentially...i guess i would have to cover it in fabric or something? i am starting to think that a creepy poly head might be the best option.....they're just so damn CREEPY! thanks for the suggestion though! x

  3. This is them used to model hats
    so it might work. Hope you find something, and well done on the stall!