Thursday, 13 May 2010

nice stuffs you'd make want if possible okay?

1. ooooo....embroidered bag to take to picnics with knitting inside.

2. handmade bear onesie from brighton to bop around in at festivals.

3. i am considering paying 69p + £1.80 delivery in order to get my innerfatgurl some cheetos crunchy up in her grill.

4. crap cute hair.

5. kitty dress!

6. inspirational banners in cheerful colours make you more inspired : FACT.

7. watching a programme with some slightly soppy guy chat about Henri Matisse and going "yeah....matisse was awesome" and then remembering your art teacher bang on about him but your entire GCSE art class was like "whatever, i like andy warhol" and feeling bad.

8. day dreaming on cloud pillows.....

9. someone's awesome retro rubber collection. hur hur....."hey, alex, can i borrow your rubber?!" hur hur you actually mean CONDOM? hur hur......(i had one shaped like a lipstick and loads of rainbow ones from various museums from various school trips....i always bought rubbers with my 50p....a practice i have continued into my adult life.....HUR HUR HUR.)

nearly friday......*mental high five


1 comment:

  1. Did you make the bear costume & if not who did? I love it.