Wednesday, 5 May 2010

fugly festival frappery.

i am already looking forward to my summer and the funtimes they will contain. but with this time of year comes all the "what to wear to festivals" specials featuring pictures of kate moss and pixie geldof wearing £900 outfits that they got helicoptered into their purpose built castles. anyone who takes nice clothes to a festival is a MORON. however, these things will happen.

1. these cycling shorts are disgusting. but they will happen. they will happen on a 15 yr old wreckhead who has fallen over outside the toilets.

2. these clogs are vile. however they will happen. they will happen on someone who wants to be like alexa chung and has never been to a festival before but wanted to go because alexa chung goes to festivals. they will be sinking into the mud/breaking their ankle at V festival this year, because they've got wicked people playing, like scouting for girls and pixie lott.

3. this is slutty as a bungalow in sluttown. however, it will happen. she'll look like a model but cooler and will have a VIP pass for no other reason than that reason.

4. this is lame. but it will happen. they'll be a tool wearing expensive sunglasses which they will eventually lose and also, they will be standing in front of you.

5. these are just awesome. i'm getting these.


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  1. I agree with everything you just wrote, socks - super sweet. Everything else? Ewwww!

    MJ x