Thursday, 6 May 2010

don't you know who i am?

i have had two tatty devine name necklaces in the past...oooo....6 years (?!) and both i have broken (one got stuck in a drawer and snapped, the other snapped while "safe" in my purse...grrrr..) and i think the time has come to replace it...(yet again)....i think i'm going to go for this matt gold....without a dangly bit. i toyed with having BeckyAmy, but i reckoned the longer it is, the more likely i am to snap it again. see? sensible.

i do love the extra big ones they do but i don't think i'd be happy with everyone who happens to walk past me knowing my name. could get creepy.

going to go and vote later at my old primary school....big up the hayes to politicians.


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