Tuesday, 11 May 2010

format chart + select data...no fill.

spent the afternoon fiddling about with excel, trying to remember everything from that 1 day course i did in a basement near london bridge. i can rename tabs and autosum, that's for certains. we got food vouchers to the value of £5, i DEFINITELY remember that.

i found this super cute idea to turn an old jacket lapel into a necklace/t-shirt extra bit. You'd actually have to completely ruin a jacket though......reckon my dad would notice? yup, me too.

(i'm currently spending my all my evenings madly trying to get my stock levels back up for Stour Space market.....i really want to start some new projects, but they should probably wait til i get some "free" time....oh yeah, and i'm still trying to drive cars around legally.....where do the hours go? oh yeeeeahh...making excel graphs....i forgot.)


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