Monday, 25 January 2010

nine things better than that film nine what had fergie in it.

hello, it's monday and another week has begun...inevitably but annoyingly all the same. so look, see, a semi-permanant pink unicorn tattoo! i'd put it on my hip or across my shoulder and terrify my mum.

dreaming of june and all the summer festivals i will want to go to after the biggie-daddy that is glasto-ooooo.

too clever. also, massively geeky.


this would be a really cute valentines idea if i were dating a girl. i don't know if bonjameen would feel the same way about felt letters as i would.....still, i like the font.

to like ampersands more than other characters in the alphabet seems silly.

shall i make crocheted travelcard holders? SHALL I??

"oh hai, i'm alexa chung, i've got a lush mulberry bag actually named after me and stuff. do you actual hate me yet?"

well screw you alexa, because i'm going to wear my ampersand necklace and carry my junk round in a bag that looks like a book. then i will look more good than you and i will get an mtv show. then i will quit the mtv show, because mtv is horrific.

today i have been listening to The XX, Roxy Music and Hot Chip's new single. And also, if i'm being totally honest with you, songs from Glee.

roll on next adventure.


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