Tuesday, 19 January 2010

my crush, my lovely lady crush.

there are so many girls out there...and it's such a sad sad shame that only a few inspire me to be a better girl. bjork is everything i could wish to be...truly gifted, talented, beautiful, different, original, respected, unique, creative, powerful, feminine.

also, if ever in any sort of sticky situation, ask yourself "what would angela lansbury do?"...chances are she'd handle the issue with class and dignity. even when faced with murder and death EVERY bloody day, she always finds the time to look smart and be pleasant. and wear pearls.

germaine greer is awesome. when i read The Beautiful Boy, i was completely floored by it. when i read The Female Eunuch, i felt a little ashamed. i wish i could be as strong in my leanings as she is, as clear in my reading of my relationships with other people and surrounding influences. i spent ages drawing this portrait by paula rego in the NPG at the age of 16 on a school trip. i used up all my red oil pastel.


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