Tuesday, 5 January 2010

10 things to make january more reasonable...

1. my front garden occasionally resembling a tim burton film set.

2. new handbags for my consideration for the year 2010...red and proper?

or black and quilty?

3. only buying breton striped clothing, no matter how hard i try not to.

4. crocheting snow bonnets in front of CSI marathons and getting crampy fingers.

5. dreaming of pale pink hair...

6. being excited to meet my new maine coon kitten in march...he will be silver blue tabby and he will be named Milo and he will be beautiful.

7. watching my buffy boxset...i'm up to season 2, angel has not yet gone evil.

8. indulging in comfort food...all i want is fried breakfasts. but for lunch.

9. buying lots of wool in many different colours for all my exciting projects i have thought of.

10. getting better at driving and fantasising about shiny cars.


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