Tuesday, 2 June 2009

making friends in primark: ballet on a budget.

the waltz of the flowers.....i was told "no flowers". yup.

the gay gay soldiers...in this production, there was apparently a homosexual undertone to the prince and drosselmeyer's relationship...didn't tell the mums and dads THAT bit...

the land of snow...i was told "no see thru". decided to use UV lights....light tech flooded the stage with GREEN light. yup.
the prince and drosselmeyer in the best thing about the show...the big shiny flappy jackets...mmm.

clara in her primarni cardi...work it with yo nutcracker doll.

straight after graduation, i was hired from my degree show to design the costumes for The New English Contemporary Ballet's Nutcracker in Nottongham....initially pretty chuffed to be able to tell everyone i was a fully fledged designer, what followed was 5 months of under-paid hell. given no contact with the artistic director and not given the budget cheque until 4 weeks before the show, i spent 3 months in nottingham slaving away in a cellar bar just to pay my rent. i made dancers cry by trying to put them in silver leotards, had to force posh girls to backcomb their hair, had to answer to parents asking why their child's skirt was "too short" and made many many many trips to primark for vests, jeans and chance meetings with students buying knicker sets for up-coming ski society nites out.

when the curtain came down on the last show in december, i cried. a) because it was over and b) because i was so fucking proud of myself.

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