Monday, 29 June 2009

bonjameen : lost thumbs and cookery programming.

my significant other likes to cook...despite slicing off half his thumb chopping onions friday, he still had a hankering to make "sausage and mozzerella tortellini with a chilli tomato sauce"... he even made the pasta from scratch....he kneaded pasta with a very sore that's dedication. i sat watching telly and sewing until 10pm (!) but it was worth the wait....YUM. i just hope this doesn't spark something similar to the "let's-make-fresh-ravioli-fest" of last year.

in other news : i have learnt chain stitch and am continuing to steal patterns off online etsy shops. I also have bought tickets to bestival, sparking many dreams of dying my hair blue for the "outer space" fancy dress theme. shall i? shan't i? hmmmmmm....

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