Tuesday, 2 June 2009

itchy fingers

i currently work in a, how do you say, "not-very-creative-job" and i was beginning to find my brain going a bit stir crazy....having sat down and attempted to draw stuff, i was getting even more wound up because it wasn't really...culminatiing in anything....you know.."oh look, i have drawn a thing......". SO...inspired by my love for the Kitty (meow) and the abundance of thread i have left over from my faffing arty times, i got myself a chart, a needle and a cramp in my hand doing that what you see above. as my co-worker aptly put it "dude, what are you going to do when you are a granny?"

also in the same vein, please refer to my "dia de los muertos" skull...hand embroided and a bit freaky. loves it. i'm thinking that i should apply my new skills to a item of jazzy clothing but then i'll probably end up washer/tumble-drying it.....(coming soon: junko mizuno hell baby embroidered on ditzy floral....YESH!)


  1. I want one of these skulls. Do you have a spare?

  2. Awesome stuff.

    I like this site: http://www.spritestitch.com/?cat=4&paged=2

    If you ever wanted to recreate the 'Zombies' one from the pattern...

  3. i want one of your skulls too, my current one is completely bare of embellishment