Monday, 15 June 2009

crafty klutz's klever chums kombine...

it's not all about me up in here...i have friends, who, you know, do stuff too...let me introduce you to daffyd, a gifted photographer and his final degree work (based on fabulously camp + filthy reworkings of fairytales)....have you ever gone to the woods dressed as Gretel, then covered yourself in cream and strawberry sauce? do you know how quickly that stuff melts? have you ever had a wet wipe bath in front of a chap called Garry that you previously had not seen nude? nope? I HAVE.

helium balloons and wigs and everyone we knew wearing bright clothes and pretending to be shocked by a lil naked king...i'm the big blonde at the front with the white-as-white legs.

becca was a textile student and she made this lush scarf as part of her final year work...(i've never seen someone make so many pom poms...)..this picture was taken in our front room on the morning of my results day and if i can remember rightly, i nearly fainted. corsets and anticipation do not mix well....x

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