Friday, 3 September 2010

with extra sprinkles....

firstly, happy friday!

secondly, i'd like to showcase some work by the amazingly talented Twinkie Chan. I read her blog a lot and since i have started reading it, she has taken her adorable little handmade etsy business and It's so inspiring!

She has a really unique style (something which i think is deceptively difficult in the crafty world) and her items always make me smile.

I love this cake purse! with cherry zipper pulls!

and this is just adorable....a milk carton "cutility" pack that you can wear on a belt, bumbag style...

Lots of suppliers have hatched onto Twinkie's designs and she is currently in the process of launching "Yummy You", a more mass produced range of her items. While this must be wicked for her ($$$!) i think it's a little bit of a shame...although it does make her stuff a bit more affordable (some things are about $100! er......)

Her food scarves are so witty and cute....if i was japanese or 13 again....i would wear one.

See more of Twinkie Chan's crochet empire at:


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