Wednesday, 22 September 2010

reborn in the USA : bigger than Kylie

ok, so here is the super exciting news that i've been wanting to share with you for AGES....

Red Velvet Art is a literally AMAZING independent store in Springfield, Missouri, owned by a gorgeous lady called Elsie. They sell all their own handmade fashion and homewares, alongside vintage dresses and accessories...They have just recently expanded into a mini-department store (also selling cupcakes and bubble tea)...hello, dream life.

Quite a while back, I applied to become one of their featured designers and guess what? The day after I failed my driving test, I got an email saying they would love to stock pixielated Bear Ears! Cheered me right up...driving scmiving.

So here you are.....I have worked SO hard trying to get the order out to them in time and I am so so proud to finally have pixielated items in their new store and online!

and they have also featured me on the Red Velvet Art blog:


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