Wednesday, 28 April 2010

let me be your fantasy....

we are going to bestival again this year...last year was.....o-kaaaaay...but certain events conspired to make it less than awesome. I don't want to be mean on my blog. but yeah. i was fed up by sunday.
but no matter!...this year we are going with awesome people! the fancy dress theme is fantasy...i thought....ME AND BONJAMEEN COULD GO AS FLOWERS!

and then, when bon was err..less than enthused...i was all...WE COULD BE SUPERHEROES! i could be knitgirl! Bon could be chefboy! tam could be the tamsinator! dave could be.....i couldn't think of one for dave....dave can think of dave's....

but noooooo....superheroes weren't good enough. so then i found a pink wig on ebay and me and tam and fernanda decided we would go as RANDOM JAPANESE MANGA ANIME COSPLAY PEOPLE!

unfortunately for us, most of the costumes you can buy are either $100 shipped from the US, made to fit tiny weeny japanese girls or actually like you would wear them in a porn film called Super Cute Whorebags. I hate slutty fancy dress so i reckon we'll have to bodge it ourselves...which could either look brilliant! or shit.

if i do have to make my own, i'm going to make this character called Miwako from Paradise Kiss (without the tummy out-ness.) She's super cute. and has pink hair. SOLD.

i'm excited for festivals....roll on the summer please!


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