Thursday, 15 April 2010

10 cool things on a thursday...

1. this tea bag...tea bag...geddit?! haaaa...haaaaa.

2. twinkie chan's up-coming patternbook...she makes food themed crochet stuff and her collections sell out in minutes when she puts them, you know, she's cute.

3. cats hanging out in hilarious places.

4. this awesome outfit as worn by Keiko Lynn, designer of Postlapsaria.

5. the colour me katie bow pumps on modcloth. only available in the US. typical. they get mountain dew and now...the best shoes.

6. this dress from Hobbs that i can't afford.

7. 20's looking starband from giant dwarf. might make'd i put my glitter glue?....

8. amazing mini backpack on babybubble, japan....

9. ...know what? those toddlers can toddle off....i want one.

10. fake tux tee on vintage etsy.

so, hows your thursday working out for you?

(am currently working hard on getting something ready for something quite this space!)


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