Tuesday, 4 January 2011

he's like, a total baldwin.

happy new year to you and yours! I'm back at work today and crikey, I am not pleased.

I got used to doing what i liked, and seeing my bonji, and having naps, and doing crochet, and watching poirot.

to combat this shizzleness, here are a couple of Dan Baldwin's paintings. his work is quite similar to my bestest artist person, Antony Micallef. i like the smooshes and drips. I like how it looks like f**ked up Paperchase wrapping paper.....

you get me?

he had a couple of prints for sale in a brighton gallery last time me and bonji had a daytrip. I can't afford him.

hope your january has started ok, and continues to be ok. january can only ever be ok, let's face it.


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