Wednesday, 15 December 2010

no taste tastyness.

merry nearly christmas! how are you doing? done all the shopping? I nearly have, using the internet.

lovely yummy rainbow cloud cakes from colouring-tastic.

ok, so my best guess is "Hello Kitty Giant Blanket You Can Get Inside" but it could also be "Inappropiate Hello Kitty Ball Gown" or "Best Thing Ever".

oooo...lovely knitwear from recently graduated Holly Giselle. Good luck Holly, i'd really like to be able to buy this jumper someday....

i'd also like to buy this jumper, but everyone in my life would leave me.

a snapshot into my future. also, hilarity.

a 365 day mood wall chart from Brigada Creativa on

I have a cold. Note: Lemsip is disgusting.


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