Wednesday, 28 October 2009

i'm going to vaguely copy this person.

i found this girl's etsy shop and i really like her's a bit hipster for me but i think i've worked out how she does it (something to do with plastic canvas 14 count and fill stitches) so i'm going to buy some and make something a bit less geometric, bit more cute...letters?...hearts? wah, i'm not sure. i need a new project though, i've finished my pompom bunting and the evenings are becoming boringly filled with emmerdale and laundry (i know right? LAME.)

she covers the back with lace and i think she overstitches it to the front...hummmm.

in other news : i have a double astigmatism, which goes someway to explain why i've felt drunk for about 3 weeks now....will probably mean expensive new contacts and lenses in my much for saving up some £££. : (

oh, but i am going to glasto there's that to look forward to. : )


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