Monday, 10 August 2009

opening jam pots : grandad is 90.

this sunday just gone we went to a posh and dusty hotel in ashdown forest to celebrate my grandad's 90th birthday...this is what i ate before i felt sick:

ham sandwich
egg sandwich
1/2 cucumber sandwich (the rest was eaten by bonjameen as it was mushy)
plain scone with jam and cream
mini eclair
strawberries and cream
peppermint tea

it was all very lovely and mum wore the prada shoes i bought her for her birthday. they were a bit squeaky. we played croquet and took lots of pictures in the sunshine....bonjameen's trousers were too tight because they were his brother's and max realised he liked mustard.

(also this weekend bonjameen and i played Little Big Planet a lot on his new playstation 3....after dressing up my sackboy in bunny ears and an elizabethan ruff, i realised it was the best game ever.)


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