Monday, 24 August 2009

adventures in hair dye no.54 : Orange

this weekend i dyed my hair with manic panic tigerlily orange thinking it was a good looked like milla's do in the fifth element, just not as sexy and a bit more mental.....most of the people around me were confused with this turn of events but fact is blogfans, i get bored. and i have seen SO SO much bleached blonde hair recently. if i lived in a world where no one else's opinion mattered, i would be quite happy bopping around with orange hair....fact is that my mum nearly cried and bonjameen spent the weekend looking at me all confused and vaguely irritated. so.......this weekend, i actually did pretty much just

i now look a lot like this.....

lesson learnt no 1 : i am too old to dye my hair orange.
lesson learnt no 2 : none of my clothes go with orange.


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