Wednesday, 10 March 2010

like the insides of a care bear.

i've found a new blog called Such Pretty Things. I do have a feeling that this woman might have a very wealthy husband and a lot of time on her hands...but she does indeed document a lot of pretty her cupboard of sweets and sprinkles and coloured sugar.

or her visit to an amazing haberdashery in new york...look at all the silk flowers! you could make a lot of.....things with silk flowers on....with those. i like the wheelie ladder...."quick, Sue, scoot down to pink roses!"

....wall of ribbons. ribbon porn.

i love this ribbon....(hardcore ribbon porn).

while even i can't reach the depths of girlie that require a "pastel pink tutu lamp" or "party favours with shabby pink and blue paper lace", i do like looking at sexy photos of vintage fabrics and wallpapers. oh, and she does something called "Target Tuesday", whereby she goes to Target, buys something crap, and makes it girlie and pink.

votes for Primark Monday?


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