Thursday, 25 February 2010

seven things better than that film seven where the paltrow has her head cut off.

vinyl wall decal to stick on your wall because you are too chickenshit to get a tattoo.

navy stripe playsuit in keeping with EVERY OTHER NAVY STRIPEY THING I OWN.

stripey + ballet russes = win.

diana camera to take cool dreamy pictures with but mainly, lets be honest, to look cool on my shelf.

lush pointless door made with nana had one of those bead curtain doors and i thought it was the most incredible thing ever. i got one for my door at uni, but it was a really heavy fire door, and it got smooshed.

if you want it to be like the 90's again, then that's ok.

i wish i'd kept my school sketchers. they looked exactly like these.

knitted tote by yokoo. would get mucky on the train but bothered....for one whole week, i'd look rad (yes, rad.....the 90's, remember?)

it's raining (again) outside but i'm going to be my friend tamsin's face model for her make up course tonight. i am clearly going to fall asleep as nothing is more chillaxing than having my make up done. let's hope this week isn't "strong statement eyebrows" or "bronzed goddess".

also, tomorrow is friday which is AWESOME.


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